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Vision Therapy Exercises

Vision Therapy (VT) is much more than “eye exercises”. It is a sequence of individualized vision procedures and activities prescribed by a Developmental Optometrist to develop efficient visual skills and visual processing. In-office optometric vision therapy is highly effective and supported by ongoing, evidence-based scientific research. The sequence and extent of therapy procedures is customized for each individual based on the condition(s) being treated.

What to expect in Vision Therapy?

During the Vision Therapy program at Vision Therapy Centre for Learning and Performance, each patient works one-on-one with a Vision Therapist every week to perform a series of vision activities that challenge their visual system to perform better than the previous week in a sequential manner. VT employs a “success-oriented approach” by starting with activities that the individual is capable of performing and gradually increasing the visual demands.

VT sessions are conducted in-office once a week for 30 minutes and are supplemented with home activities performed every day between the office visits. The vision therapy program is performed using the following aids:

Therapeutic lenses
Occluders/ patches
Targets with timing mechanisms
Specifically designed worksheets
Coloured filters
Visual perceptual exercises
Digital aids

The length of the program varies for each individual based on factors such as age, type and severity of the condition(s) and compliance. Repeated practice and reinforcement from exercises brings the targeted visual skills to conscious awareness and allows them to gradually become automatic. Frequent progress checks are performed by the doctor throughout the program to monitor progress. 

Can Vision Therapy work at any age?

Absolutely! Vision therapy can be successfully performed on children as well as adults. The neuroplasticity of our brain makes it possible to train and re-train it at any stage in life.

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