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Welcome to Vision Therapy Centre where we help our patients achieve their vision’s highest potential! Did you know that headaches, poor school performance, short attention span, subpar sports performance, and reading or learning difficulties can be due to an underlying vision problem? Vision Therapy can help!

What is Vision Therapy?

1 in 4

school aged children have vision problems that can be corrected with vision therapy

2 out of 3

of Canadian children in an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) have a vision problem that interferes with their school performance

A higher incidence of vision problems

has been found in children with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia

A person needs


visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life. Seeing ‘20/20’ is just one of those visual skills

Vision Therapy (VT) is an individualized neuro-optometric rehabilitation program for children and adults that works at the level of the brain to control our functional vision.

When a person has “20/20” vision, that means that they have the ability to see small details at a far distance, however, it does not necessarily mean that they have good functional vision. Functional vision is the ability of the visual system to not only obtain clear vision, but also comfortable vision at various distances for prolonged time periods.

Vision therapy comprises of a series of vision exercises and procedures that help improve our functional vision such eye tracking, focussing and teaming abilities and visual information processing. Vision therapy is also used to treat strabismus (eye turn) and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Who can benefit from Vision Therapy

If you experience visual discomfort even with 20/20 vision you may benefit from Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy can help treat visual issues like double vision, lazy eye, crossed eyes, convergence insufficiency, eyestrain or acquired visual issues from brain or sports injury. Both children and adults can benefit from Vision Therapy.

Difficulty reading
Poor academic performance
Short attention span
Skipping words or lines when reading
Poor eye-hand coordination
Confusion between lefts and rights
Letter reversals (b’s and d’s, p’s and q’s)
Lazy eye or crossed eye
Double vision
Blurry vision or eyestrain
General loss of interest in reading or near work
Difficulty staying focused
Head Tilt when reading
Tendency to use a rule or finger when reading
Difficulty copying from the board in the classroom
Print moving on the page when reading

Our Doctor

Dr. Palki Arora is the only board-certified Developmental Optometrist in Alberta with a dual fellowship. She has undergone extensive post doctorate training in the field of Vision Therapy and Developmental Optometry and takes pride in staying the most up to date in the latest research and innovations in this field. 

Dr. Arora graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree with Honours from the University of Calgary and a Doctor of Optometry Degree on the Dean’s Honours List from the University of Waterloo. She subsequently completed two Fellowships with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD) and the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO). Dr. Arora provides Vision Therapy for patients of all ages and welcomes every opportunity to help her patients achieve their vision’s highest strength.

Our Services

Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment program that can help improve our functional vision such as eye tracking, focusing and teaming abilities and our visual information processing abilities. Vision Therapy helps to enhance our eye to brain connection to achieve clear and comfortable vision at all times.

Vision Therapy has long been used as a tool for improvement in athletic skills and abilities. Sports require greater efficiency in visual abilities than normal day-to-day tasks. Targeting specifically at athletes, sports vision therapy allows athletes to enhance their visual reaction times, processing speed, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, and other visual skills to achieve peak performance.

Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) suffer from damage to certain brain functions, often due to motor vehicle accidents, concussions, or any other external physical impacts. Vision Therapy can provide significant improvements in performance, comfort and quality of vision as the brain is re-trained and the connections are rewired by introducing repeated stimuli in the form of exercises.

Once our eyes receive visual information from the outside world, they then need to communicate that information to the brain in order to interpret that visual information. Individuals with Visual Processing delays have difficulties understanding the visual information received from their surroundings. They may have difficulties with eye-hand coordination, left/right confusion, reading comprehension, movement. These delays can significantly impact their learning.

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