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Dyslexia and Vision Problems

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that causes difficulties with language skills, specifically reading. It is common for children with dyslexia to have underlying vision problems that contribute to their difficulties with reading and learning. Treating those vision problems is key to ensure that maximum results can be achieved through other methods such as reading programs and tutoring.

Since dyslexia is not a vision problem, not every child with dyslexia requires vision treatment. However, since eye tracking, eye focussing, eye teaming and visual processing skills are crucial for reading and learning, it is essential for a child with dyslexia or any other reading or learning-related difficulties to have these important visual skills assessed and treated in a timely manner. Depending on the severity, vision problems can sometimes even be mislabeled as dyslexia due to the similarities in presenting symptoms. 

Vision Therapy for Dyslexia

Vision Therapy does not directly treat learning disabilities or dyslexia. It treats the vision problems that are commonly present in individuals with learning disabilities and dyslexia. Vision Therapy is a highly effective, individualized, one-on-one program that treats visual skills including eye tracking, eye focussing and eye teaming that are foundational tools for reading and learning. It also helps improve visual processing delays that are common with reading and learning disabilities.

The relationship between vision and learning is complex and each visual skill must be evaluated in children who are struggling with reading and learning. A Vision Therapy Assessment evaluates the 17 visual skills required to effectively read and learn and should be a part of the multi-disciplinary approach in diagnosing these disabilities.

A higher incidence of vision problems has been found in children with dyslexia

Typical vision screenings can miss up to

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of vision problems required for reading and writing
Living with a learning disability is more problematic than ever in today’s world

Advances in information technology and its increase in accessibility and necessity have placed a much higher demand on our vision and visual information processing system. As a result, many children and adults with learning disabilities struggle more in the classroom, workplace and day-to-day life than they ever have before. Vision problems often interfere with learning and Vision Therapy should be performed as part of the multi-disciplinary treatment approach for these individuals to provide them with the appropriate visual tools required to overcome these challenges and prepare them for lifelong learning.

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